A nursery school worth traveling to. A nursery school worth traveling to.


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Nursery School

 Nurturing Roots  Nurturing Roots

To grow a tree to be big and strong, what do we need?
We believe that for the leaves and branches to grow high and wide,
we first need the roots to grow deep.

The same applies for people.
By nurturing children's “roots” from infancy,
they will develop the strength
and courage to face the “rain and winds” of life.

To achieve this,
we place importance on actual experiences
such as playing with mud and interactions
with nature into our daily nursery program.

Additionally, by spending loving time
interacting with various people and things,
children cultivate a spirit of compassion and understanding
towards others and themselves.

We strive to nurture the “Strength to Live.”
We are Yamayurikai, a Social Welfare Corporation.


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